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Welcome To My Crate XL is a free audio podcast focusing on Dance Music, cultural topics, studio/DJ tips and general tomfoolery. The long form conversation is hosted by globally active DJ/Producer Chris Manik aka MANIK, alongside friends and special guests.

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    Welcome To My Crate XL #014 - option4

    014. Denver based DJ/Producer option4, aka Brennen Bryarly, is a budding artist that tours all across the USA. He runs his own label Hotboi Records and works for Live Nation as a booker. In this episode, we speak about how he got his start as a DJ/Producer, his laser-focus and juggling so many different hats, 909 Til Infinity, how he transformed Denver into one of the leaders for house and techno music on the west coast and much more.

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    Welcome To My Crate XL #013 - Harvard Bass

    013. Harvard Bass is a San Diego based DJ/Producer who continues to tour globally. He has released music on Turbo Recordings, Cajmere's Relief Records and more. In this episode, we speak about how 2018 has been for him, our B2B DJ sets, the current NBA season and his beloved Los Angeles Lakers and much more.

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    Welcome To My Crate XL #012 - Kaleena Zanders

    012. Kaleena Zanders is a singer, songwriter, and multi-talented performer; her energy is both captivating and infectious. She's performed at Coachella, EDC, and collaborated with many well-known DJs such as Morgan Page and SNBRN. The budding Los Angeles artist recently had her songs licensed on NBA 2K17, as well as a Toyota commercial for both the Super Bowl and the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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    Welcome To My Crate XL #011 - Jeff Severinghaus & Carl Yaeckel

    011. Jeff Severinghaus is a Professor of Geosciences at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego. His research raises the question of whether the addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels could also produce a rapid change in climate, rather than a slow, steady rise in temperatures. He has been published over 100 times and has also performed extensive research in Greenland. Carl Yaeckel is the chapter leader at Citizens Climate Lobby, San Diego. Citizens Climate Lobby has proposed a Carbon fee and dividend plan, a national, revenue-neutral carbon fee-and-dividend system that places a predictable, steadily-rising price on carbon and other greenhouse gases, with fees being returned to households as a monthly energy dividend.

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    Welcome To My Crate XL #010 - Huxley

    010. Huxley is a prolific DJ and Producer from England, with a plethora of high quality releases on labels like Aus, Hypercolour and Moon Harbour. He runs his own label, No Idea's Original and tours all over the globe. Huxley has been praised by Resident Advisor, Fact Magazine, Mixmag, and more.

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    Welcome To My Crate XL #009 - Alan Oldham

    009. Alan Oldham aka DJ T-1000 is an American Techno artist, comic book artist and graphic designer. His parallel art and music careers began in 1987, when he was hired as an overnight program host on WDET-FM, Detroit's NPR affiliate, at the same exact time his childhood friend Derrick May asked him for label designs. Alan is also affiliated with the seminal labels Underground Resistance and Generator and is mentioned in such books as "Techno Rebels." He has a plethora of singles and releases dating back to the early 90s and currently resides in Berlin, where he works on music and an upcoming comic book.

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    Welcome To My Crate XL #008 - Jacky

    008. Jacky is a budding House music DJ/Producer from England. His love for music started young when he was growing up in East Africa. Through various odd jobs, he's gone from working at Apple to touring the globe. Jacky cut his teeth in Barcelona at El Row and currently holds an Ibiza residency at the now infamous Defected parties.

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    Welcome To My Crate XL #007 - Doc Martin

    007. Doc Martin, also known as Sublevel, is a revered DJ/Producer, party organizer and Californian Dance music hero. During his thirty years of DJ'ing, Doc has remixed A Tribe Called Quest and even toured with the likes of Moby and Grace Jones. His profound collection of rare & classic records can be heard at all of his gigs and Doc is almost as famous for this extensive library of choice cuts, as his genuine and charismatic smile behind the decks.

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    Welcome To My Crate XL #006 - Mark Quark

    006. Mark Quark is a House music connoisseur. The San Diego based DJ has internalized influences from DJ Harvey, Idjut Boys, and Andrew Weatherall, mashed them up, and given life to a signature style and a creature which is totally unique. A San Diego hero, he is revered by many and always a joy behind the decks.

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    Welcome To My Crate XL #005 - Treasure Fingers

    005. Treasure Fingers is a DJ and producer based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is signed to Fool's Gold Records. He's remixed the likes of Childish Gambino, Romanthony, Little Boots, and more. Currently, he runs his own label, Psycho Disco as well as a House music mix show entitled Psychic FM.

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