Welcome To My Crate XL
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Welcome To My Crate XL is a free audio podcast focusing on dance music, studio and DJ tips, cultural and arts topics, science, and general tomfoolery. The long form conversation is hosted by globally active DJ/Producer Chris Manik aka MANIK, alongside friends and special guests.

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    #024 - Rich Medina

    Rich Medina is a DJ, educator, and spoken word artist. He teaches Hip Hop 101 at Lincoln University and guest lectures at Cornell. Rich has cemented his reputation as an elite DJ over the past two decades and also established 'JUMP N FUNK' in 2001, North America’s Original Afrobeat party, dedicated to the late Nigerian icon Fela Kuti.

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    #023 - Jim Tremayne

    Jim Tremayne is the editor of DJ Times Magazine. DJ Times has been around for 30 years and was the The first DJ-specific magazine to publish in the United States. Jim Tremayne has interviewed a plethora of artists and musicians including Questlove, Tiesto and Cypress Hill.

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    #022 - Zernell

    022. Zernell is a music connoisseur and globally active DJ. His style is the heart of disco to the soul of Chicago house music with a grimy twist. The Los Angeles based DJ has a monthly show on NTS Radio and also runs the label and brand Grimy.

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    #021 - Mark Quark

    021. Mark Quark is a House music connoisseur. The San Diego based DJ has internalized influences from DJ Harvey to Andrew Weatherall. A San Diego hero, he is revered by many and always a joy behind the decks.

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    #020 - Kenny Glasgow

    020. Kenny Glasgow is a legendary dance music artist from Toronto. He is a prolific producer and globally active DJ with two decades of experience. Kenny was formerly half of Art Department, and with the hit song "Without You" he was propelled into global superstardom seemingly overnight. His discography contains a plethora of high-quality house and techno music made with soul and emotion, dating back to the early 90s.

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    #019 - Chris Sampson

    019. Chris Sampson is an Associate Professor of Practice at USC. He's the founder of the Popular Music program at the revered Thornton School of Music. He's had a multi-faceted career as a producer, arts administrator, and he currently teaches songwriting and Music Industry studies.

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    #018 - Pete Moss

    018. Pete Moss is a Philadelphia based DJ and Producer with a prolific discography. Some of his earliest releases were on Ovum Recordings, Siesta, and Dessous. In his 20 plus year career, he's resiliently remained an underground warrior. Pete has consistently flown under the radar while releasing high-quality dance music and is currently also releasing music on Kwench Records, run by the inimitable Cassy.

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    #017 - Cari Golden

    017. Cari Golden is a vocalist, songwriter, and performer extraordinaire. She has a worldwide musical following and has worked with a variety of electronic music producers including Roger Sanchez, DJ T, Pan-Pot and more.

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    #016 - Joseph Pignato

    016. Joseph Pignato is a Professor in the Department of Music at State University of New York, College at Oneonta. He is also a composer and music education-scholar. Joe teaches music industry courses, beat production, and directs ensembles that perform experimental music. He leads Bright Dog Red, an improvising collective recognized for its innovative mesh of jazz, hip-hop, and electronica. Their debut album is out now on influential Philadelphia based Ropeadope Recordings.

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    #015 - Droog/Culprit

    015. Droog is a prolific DJ trio from Los Angeles. They are best known for their house music label Culprit and their special brand of day time rooftop parties. With a plethora of high-quality releases, the label is now in its 10th year.

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